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1. The purpose of the stalking exercise is to give the sniper confidence In his ability to approach and occupy a firing postion without being observed.


Having studied a map (and aeriel photograph,if available)+ individual students must stulk for a predesignated distance, which could be 1000 yards or more, depending on the area selected. All stalking exercises and tests should be approximately 1000 yards with a four hour time limit. The student must stail within 150 to 200 yards of two trained observers* who are scanning the area with binoculars, and fire two blanks without being detected.

The area used for a stalking exercise must be chosen with great care. An area in which a student must do the low crawl for the complete distance would be unsuitable. The following items should be considered:

1, As much of the area as passible should be visible to the observer. This forces the student to use the trrain properly, even when far from the observer*s location.

2, Where possible1 availble cover should decrease as the student nears the observer's position. This will enable the student to take chances early in the stalk and force him to move more carefully as he closes in cn his firing postion.

3. The student must start the stalk in an area out of sight of the observer.

4. Boundaries must be established by means of natural features or the use of markers.

5. In a location near the jump off point for the stalk, the student is briefed or. the following:

a- Aim of the exercise.

b« Boundaries.

d. Standards to be achieved.

4. After the briefing, the students are dispatched at intervals to avoid congestion,

5. In addition to the two observers, there are two " walkers" t equipped with radios, who will post ion themselfs within the stalk area- If an observer sees a student, he will contact a walker by radio and direct him to within 5 feet of the students

1 act ion. Therefore, when a student Is detected, the observer can immediately tell the student what gave hi id away.

6. When the student reaches his firing postion, which is within 150 to 200 yards of the observer, he will fire a blank round at the observer. This will tell the walker he is raedy to continue the rest of the exercise- The observer will then move to within 10 yards of the student. The observer will serch a 10 yard radius around the walker for the sniper student.

If the sniper is undetected the walker will tell the sniper to chamber another round and fire a second blank at the observer- If the sniper is still unseen, the walker

will point to the sniper's postion, and the observer will serch for anything that indicates a human form, rifle, or equipment.

If the sniper still remains undetected, the walker will move In and put his hand on top of the student head. The obsever will again serch in detail. If the student is still not seen at this point, he must tell the walker which observer he shot and what he is doing. The observer waves his hat, scratches his face, or makes some kind of gesture that the student can identify when using his telescope.

The sniper student must then tell the walker the exact range, wind velocity, and windage applied to the scope.

If the sniper completes all of these steps correctly, he passes the stalk exercise,

A critique is conducted at the conclusion of the exercise, touching on main problems areas.


To create interest and give the students practice in obsevering and stalking and stalking skills, one half of the class could be postioned to observe the conduct of the stalk- Seeing an error made is an effective way of teaching better stalking skills. Vhen a student is caught, he should be sent to the observer post (OP) to observe the exercise.

1. All students to pass the stalking phase of the sniper course must acheved a total of the following:

a. Total of 63 stalking points.

b. Pass one stalk with a perfect score of 10 points.

2. SCORES. (If the students are caught prior to receving a score of 10 points)

1. 4 paints for starting the stalk.

2. 5 points for reaching the F.F.P. and is detected by the observer (the student must be completely setup and ready to fire if not 4 points will be given to the sniper)«

3. 7 points for reaching the F.F.P. undetected and getting one shot off and is detected by the observer.(if the student cannot discribe what the observer is doing 5 points will be awarded to the student.

4. 8 points for reaching the F.F.P. undetected, getting two shots off,and is detected by the observer, (if the student fails to discribe what the observer is doing 5 points will be awared to the sniper student.

5. 9 points for reaching the F.F.P* undetected* getting two shots off, the walker puts his hand on the student sniper's head and is detected by the observer( if the sniper cannot discribe what the observer is doing 5 points will be awarded to the student.

EOTE. One point will be taken from what ever score acheved for the following a. Incorrect windage.

b. Incorrect ran.^e setting.

e. Incorrect rifle setup(tape over muzzle, barrel of weapon laying on any kind of object, barrel is not free floating from not removing obstuction fron between the barrel and the stock of the weapon.

NOTE: A score of 0 will be awarded to any student who exceeds the boundaries of any stalk.

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