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(4) There will no other patrols operating in the company area of operations.

c. Attachments and Detachments. None.


Sniper team (#1) will depart at 1900 hours 20 July 1986 and proceed to the vicinity of grid 892777 to establish an OP. Collect and report all relative information and modify A Co fire support plan accordingly.


a. Concept of the Operation of the Sniper Team in the Objective Area. This is a brief statement of the "whole picture," or an outline of the conduct of the mission, followed by a detailed report of all the actions the sniper team will accomplish from the ORP to the FFP and back to the ORP, to include movement, routes, security halts, pacing, selection of FFP, construction of FFP, placement and operation of logistics, individuals1 duties in the objective area, objective location, identification and engagement, reports, immediate action drills, contingency plans and actions, air support/ fire support employment, and a host of others.

b. Actions of the Sniper Team Not in the Objective Area. A detailed report of all tasks or actions accomplished outside the objective area, i.e., from the IRP to the QRP (including action in the ORP) and back to the IRP. Actions may be similar to 3a, but in 3b it is necessary to include departure/ reentry procedures, actions at rallying points, etc.

c. Coordinating Instructions. Depending on the requirements of the instructional situation, the student may be required to duplicate information previously noted in 3a or 3b. If not previously written, then all required information of the following matter will always be covered in detail:

infiltration plan (in annex _) ; linkup plan, annex ___; TOD; TOR; primary and alternate routes; departure and reentry of friendly lines; organization for movement; action on enemy contact; rallying points and actions at rallying points; actions in the objective area; debriefing; other actions; rehearsals; and inspections.

The following is an example of a detailed 3c (Coordinating Instructions) .

(1) Infiltration plan. Annex A.

(4) Our primary route will be as follows:

From 899759 (IRP)


for 200 m to Checkpoint #1


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