Disassembly of the pistol

For cleaning the pistol disassembled.

A Before disassembly make sure that the magazine is empty and that the chamber is clear of any ammunition.

The pistol is disassembled and assembled without any tool. Do not use any force.

The pistol must not be disassembled further than described below.

- Remove the magazine,

- retract the slide until stop and check that the chamber is free of any ammunition.

- then let the slide pass forward again,

- cock the hammer then push the slide to the rear until the index lines on the left side of the slide and frame meet (Fig. 1),

- with the other hand press in the axle of the slide release from the right and pull out the slide release to the left (Fig. 2).

- Remove the slide by sliding it forward off the grip (Fig. 3).

- Remove the recoil buffer/ spring guide rod downward against the spring tension (Fig. 4).

- Slightly lift the barrel up at the back, push it forward and remove it backward.

Sphinx 3000 Barrel

Fig. 4 Remove the recoil / buffer spring guide rod

Fig. 3 Remove the slide

Fig. 4 Remove the recoil / buffer spring guide rod

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