1. Make sure that the pistol is unloaded. With the pistol aimed in a safe direction, remove magazine and pull back the slide to eject any round which may be chambered. Make a visual inspection of the chamber to be sure it is empty, (photo 1-2}

2. Push the disassembling pin and remove it. (photo 3)

3. Now pull the slide fully back, then lift it off and allow it to glide forward to clear the barrel.

To aid cleaning, the recoil spring may be removed, (photo 4] Do not attempt to farther dismantle the pistol,

This should only be attempted by an experienced gunsmith.

4. Assembly: Reassemble the pistol by reversing the steps above.

Warning !

Do not allow your fingers to get In front of the muzzle!


Sphinx 380

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  • diane
    How to disassemble the sphinx 380 pistol?
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