Facts About Your Pistol

Designed to meet the requirements of Police and Security Forces, the SPHINX AT .380 is also an ideal weapon for personal protection.

The SPHINX SAFE SYSTEM® allows instant use of the pistol in any situation. A sophisticated mechanism decocks and secures the trigger system after each shot, therefore operating errors in stress situations, before and after firing, are no longer possible.

Our Swiss Quality Standard is only possible by combining the latest technical advances in production methods with solid craftsmanship.The receiver for instance is a firstclass cast.

The blank is controlled several times, before the other workings are done (polishing, milling, drilling}.

The SPHINX AT .380 DOUBLE ACTION ONLY SAFE SYSTEM® is the ideal combination of two different weapon systems to a perfect unity. Several patents are proving the high degree of this development and ensure its future uniqueness. With one round chambered and a full ma-

Sphinx 380

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