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Dorn Spinal Therapy has been in uses in the past 40 years. The credit of this method goes to Dieter Dorn, who has made a significant impact in the medical field. DORN- Method has been used on various patients where results could get witnessed instants. Due to the impact, this method has brought in the country. It has been declared the standard practice in treating Pelvical Disorders, Spinal, and Back pain. Dieter Dorn first used this method on his family, which was a sign of confidence in a method, which later gained much attention from different people in the country and also globally. Every day Dorn was able to offer treatment to 15- 20 patients in a day. His services were purely free which attracted attention both in the local and also global. The primary treatment that DORN-Method which could be treated using this method include spine healing therapy, misalignments of the spine, resolving pelvis and joints, and also solving out significant problems which could get attributed to vertebrae. Read more here...

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Rapid Incapacitation Shot Placement

Overlapping layers of vulnerable targets are clustered around the torso center, to include the heart with its major arteries, the spine just behind the heart, and the liver found just at the bottom of the rib cage. Please note that the heart is not located center-chest but slightly to the subject's left side. A hit to the heart obviously will cause severe blood loss and lead to unconsciousness and likely death in 10 to 15 seconds. A spine hit, which isn't as certain, is a CNS shot with instant incapacitation and possible death, but it cannot be relied on to prevent the subject from firing a weapon unless it impacts higher than the shoulder blades. Major blood vessels, too, make good targets, especially the femoral artery in the groin (not illustrated) and the carotid arteries in the neck. Because the neck also contains the spine, it can prove an especially productive impact point.

The Standing Position

Body-Rifle Weight Supported by Bone Structure As a result of this back bend and body twist, the weight of the rifle and upper torso falls upon the bones of the lower spinal column. Hip and leg bones transmit this weight ultimately to the feet. Thus the weight of the rifle is almostly completely supported by bones. The only work required of body muscles is to keep the body in a standing posture and prevent it from swaying from its point of balance.

The Kneeling Position

Kneeling Roll Shooters

The Erect Position The old school maintains that the right heel and the kneeling roll should support at least 70 of the weight of the torso. In this method, the spine is erect and the head upright. The left foot supports about 15 to 20 of the remaining weight, and the right knee no more than 10 (Figure 61). C. USE OF THE KNEELING ROLL. In either variation of the position, however, there are common fundamentals to be observed. It is agreed that the kneeling roll should be used (Figure 63). The best international shooters of the world do not sit on the side of the foot. The selection of a roll is left to the individual. Naturally it must conform to the size specifications as set forth by the ISU. A leather or canvas bag containing sand, sawdust, or rags seems to be the best. The roll should fit the conformation of the instep (Figure 64). Variations in thickness will depend on shooter preference. The right foot, when viewed from the rear, is perpendicular to the ground and the heel is...

Rubber and Plastic Bullets

Gauge Tear Gas Round

Hiss et al. reported 17 deaths from Israeli rubber and plastic bullets.22 Ten died from rubber bullets seven from plastic bullets. In nine of the ten cases involving rubber bullets, the rubber coating was separate from the steel core. Six of the cases involved penetrating wounds of the head one of the thoracic wall. In three instances, there was no penetration of the body but there was brain injury (two cases) or spinal cord injury (one case). The entrance wounds were described as lacerations of varying size and shape. They ranged in size from 0.5 x 0.4 to 7.6 x 4.2 cm. In the seven cases involving plastic bullets, three penetrated the head and four the trunk. The entrance wounds resembled conventional small caliber bullet wounds with abrasion rings.

The Stance

Pistol Marksmanship

The shooter must hold his body in something less than an erect posture, with a slight rearward bend in the back and the pelvis brought slightly forward. In this posture, the body has the vertical line of the center of gravity shifted back of the axis of the hip joints. In such a pose, the body is kept stable in the hip joints not so much by the work of the muscles, but by strong ligaments. The relaxed immobility of the body is attained by counterbalancing the weight of the upper body against the extended firing arm and pistol, and transfer much of the weight to the spinal column.

Shot Placement

Sniper Shot Placement Hostage Rescue

Because society quite rightly imposes a taboo on the taking of human life, our paper targets usually are abstract and lacking in enough detail to understand where or why we're placing a shot. I've never seen a silhouette target that identifies the location of the brain, spine, heart, kidneys, liver, and major arteries though, in fact, these are our true targets, not a simple silhouette or vague center mass. 0.0000516 seconds (approximately one-half millionth of a second) to snap the suspect's 1.5-inch spinal pathway. Contrast that to the 10 to 15 seconds a suspect could retain consciousness after even a perfect heart shot. An effective CNS shot requires a hit in the spine above the shoulder blades, through the brain stem, or into the cranial cavity.

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