Be A Responsible Gun Owner

• Never rely on a gun's "safety" to protect you from unsafe gun handling. A safety is only a mechanical device, not a substitute for common sense.

• When the gun is loaded and cocked, always keep the thumb safety on until you are ready to fire.

• Be sure of your target and backstop before you shoot. Ask yourself what your bullet will hit if it misses or goes through the target.

• Before shooting, be sure the barrel is clear of obstructions, including excessive oil and grease.

• If anything does get into the barrel, remove cartridges, and clean bore immediately, before attempting to shoot. Obstructed barrels can burst and injure you or bystanders.

• Never let water, snow, mud or other materials enter the barrel.

• Never pull a gun toward you by the muzzle.

• Do not climb a tree, cross a fence or ditch, or jump over an object with a loaded gun.

• Always hold your gun so you control the direction of its muzzle in case you fall or stumble.


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