Be A Safe Shooter

• Guns and alcohol or drugs do not mix. Do not take them before or during shooting activities. Your vision, coordination and judgment could be impaired, making gun handling unsafe.

• When taking medication, seek a doctor's advice to be sure you can operate and handle your firearm safely.

• Get instructions from a competent firearms instructor before using any gun.

• Before attempting to shoot, practice operations by dry firing with the chamber empty, without ammunition, or with dummy shells. Become familiar with the safety features, trigger control, and handling of the firearm.

• Always keep and carry your pistol with an empty chamber and with the hammer forward until you intend to shoot, so your pistol cannot be fired unintentionally.

• Firearms should be unloaded when not in use. This means both the chamber and magazine are empty.

• When transferring a gun by hand, always ask the person receiving it to open the action and check that it is unloaded.

• Never take anyone's word that a firearm is unloaded. When receiving a gun, always open the action and check that it is unloaded.

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