Be A Safe Shooter

Do not try to change your gun's trigger pull, because alterations of trigger pull usually affect sear engagement and might cause accidental firing. Never disassemble the safety, it has been correctly designed, fitted and tested. Any mechanical device can fail, however, so never rely on the safety as an alternative to safe handling. Never use a gun that jams or fails to function properly. Should this occur, return to Springfield, Inc. for warranty/repair.

If your shot sounds weak or underpowered, it could mean a bullet is in the chamber/bore. Gun should be immediately unloaded and the chamber/bore checked for obstructions before refiring. Do not "horseplay" with a gun. Your gun cannot think...but you can. Firearm safety depends on you and is the responsibility of the operator.

Write or call us concerning any items you do not understand and/or which might relate to your safety and the safe operations of any of our products. Springfield, Inc. Consumer Safety Department 420 West Main Street Geneseo, IL 61254 (309) 944-5631


There is no safe way to discharge a pistol in a home or apartment. Bullets will go through walls, floors, furniture, and appliances and still cause serious injury or death to persons in the house, next-door, or outside. Accidental discharges indoors always result in property damage or personal injury.

WARNING: When you squeeze the trigger, you must expect the gun to fire. You must take full responsibility for firing it. Your care can avoid accidental discharge and thereby avoid accidental injury and death.

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