Cleaning Pistol

1. Point gun in safe direction.

2. Remove magazine and empty chamber.

3. Separate cartridges from pistol before cleaning operation.

4. Open slide and visually check that chamber and magazine well are free of cartridges.

5. Disassemble pistol as described in the proper DISASSEMBLY Section.

6. Using cleaning rod, run solvent-wetted patch through barrel several times.

7. Attach solvent-wetted bristle brush to rod and run back and forth full length of bore as needed until clean of grease and dirt.

8. Clean barrel with dry patches and examine it. If necessary, repeat barrel scrubbing. Bore fouling can contribute to reduced accuracy, and grease accumulation in the chamber can interfere with proper feeding of cartridges from magazine.

9. Using powder solvent on a clean patch, remove powder residue from all components of mechanism. If grease or dirt cannot be removed by wiping with patch, use solvent-wetted bristle brush.

10. Next, wipe scrubbed areas with solvent wetted patch.

11. After cleaning, run dry patch through barrel, then follow with lightly-oiled patch.

12. Wipe all surfaces clean with cloth, then wipe all surfaces with lightly-oiled patch (or cloth).

13. Reassemble pistol. Remember, an improperly assembled firearm is dangerous and should not be fired. Always consult an experienced gunsmith if you experience any difficulty or have any questions concerning assembly procedure.

14. If pistol is to be stored for an extended period, final oil wiping can be heavier so there will be less tendency for it to evaporate. Stainless steel pistols must be lubricated.

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