Disassembly of the Mainspring Housing with ILS

Do not attempt this procedure unless you have considerable experience in firearms disassembly.

1. Place mainspring housing in a vice.

2. With a suitable punch, depress the ILS spring cap and hold it down. (Figure 15-1)

3. While continuing to depress the ILS spring cap, remove the takedown pin. (Fig. 15-2)

4. Slowly and carefully release the pressure on the spring cap allowing it to move out of the mainspring housing. (Fig. 15-3)

5. After the spring cap has been removed, the mainspring and mainspring retainer can be removed.

Caution: Do not turn the locking pin when the ILS is disassembled. The system may be reassembled only with the ILS pin deactivated (with the holes vertical or stacked).

Disassembly Springfield 1911


This procedure requires extreme caution. The ILS spring cap is under extreme pressure and will be ejected if you fail to perform the disassembly properly. Use extreme care and wear eye protection.

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