Malfunction Warning

If cartridge hangs up, jams or binds when being chambered from magazine into chamber, do not attempt to force it into chamber by pushing or striking slide.

• Point gun in a safe direction.

• Remove magazine.

• Pull back on slide and allow cartridge to fall from gun.

If any information in this manual is not clear, call Springfield's Consumer Safety Department at (309) 944-5631 for assistance.

• If cartridge does not fall free, pull slide back and lock it back.

• Carefully dislodge cartridge.

• If cartridge cannot be removed, carefully store your gun and take it to a gunsmith.

Most failures of cartridge to feed or chamber are the result of a damaged magazine, improper gun handling or defective ammunition. Whatever the cause, a jammed cartridge can be a dangerous situation. Should shell be discharged while out of chamber, cartridge will rupture and fragments will be blown out of pistol with sufficient force to cause injury.

Always wear eye and ear protection when using any firearm. Safety and instruction manuals are available from Springfield, Inc.


Always have gun pointed in a safe direction.

Failure to obey safety information may result in injury to you or others.

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