Point gun in a safe direction at all times

If you have never fired a gun before, practice without live ammunition before your first shot. Then load only one cartridge into the magazine for your first live ammunition firing.

1. Load shell into chamber from magazine and engage the thumb safety.

2. Grasp grip of pistol firmly. (A loose grip may cause the pistol to malfunction.) The pressure from the hand will disengage grip safety located at top of rear grip area.

3. Move thumb safety down taking gun off safety. Caution: The gun is now ready to fire. Be prepared for noise and recoil when pistol fires.

4. Aim gun at target by aligning sights.

5. Lightly place finger on trigger, and slowly squeeze trigger. Spent cartridge is expelled up and to the right.

6. Pistol will automatically be ready to fire again after each shot until all cartridges loaded in magazine have been fired.

7. When last cartridge has been fired, slide will lock open and remain to rear.

WARNING! When releasing the slide on an empty chamber or when loading a single round without the magazine do not allow the slide to slam forward. Doing so will destroy the hammer and sear engagement on your trigger pull and create a dangerous condition. It could also cause damage to the other finely tuned parts of your pistol. TO PREVENT DAMAGE AND FOR SAFETY REASONS ALWAYS LOAD SHELLS FROM THE MAGAZINE. If you want to carry your gun with a shell in the chamber and a full magazine follow this procedure: Load a shell into the chamber from the magazine. Then remove the magazine, fully load it and insert it properly into the gun.

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