Point of Impact

Shooters may use a "point of aim" sight picture at 25 yards. This means that, at 25 yards the bullet should impact the target at the point visible at the top of the front sight. Shooters may also use a "6 o'clock" sight picture to strike the center of the target. Springfield Armory pistols are designed to use the "6 o'clock" sight picture at 25 yards. However, some pistols may shoot "point of aim" at 25 yards depending on shooter and ammunition.

Note: 1911-A1 Ultra-Compact Pistols are designed to use standard pressure ball ammo and self-defense loads. +P ammunition is not recommended in pistols shorter than 5 inches. Use only clean, dry, original, high-quality, commercially manufactured ammunition.

"Point of Aim" sight picture

Springfield 1911a1
sight picture

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    How to aim Springfield trophy match?
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