Read These Rules

Always load shells from the magazine and keep your finger off the trigger.

Load gun only when on range preparing to fire. Unload it before leaving range. Treat every gun as if it is loaded...all the time! Load and unload with the gun pointed in a safe direction.

Be certain gun is unloaded before cleaning. Completely unload your gun before storing, travelling, standing it against an object, laying it down, entering a house, car, truck, boat, RV/camper, building, or handing it to someone. Never leave a loaded gun unattended. Tragedy may result if a child finds your gun and plays with it. Keep every gun secure. Children do not believe guns can kill.

Store guns and ammunition separately. Both should be placed beyond children's reach. Obey all laws regarding the storage and security of guns in the home.

Know and obey the laws regarding the transportation and carrying of firearms. Never carry any handgun in your pocket, purse or tucked in your belt or waistband. Use a pistol case or a proper holster with safety flap or strap. New non-defective brass is essential to ensure safe functioning of your gun.

Old or reloaded ammunition may be dangerous. Use only clean, dry original, high-quality, commercially manufactured ammunition. Reloaded ammunition will void the warranty.

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