Springfields Integral Locking System

Removing the Mainspring Housing with ILS Caution: Always be sure the pistol is unloaded before proceeding.

1. With the hammer full down, deactivate the ILS. The holes should be vertical (or stacked). (Fig. 13-1)

2. Wrap a heavy-duty rubber band around the grip safety until it is completely depressed. Doing so will maintain the alignment of the sear spring and negate further disassembly of the pistol. (Fig. 14)

3. Cock the hammer to the full cocked position.

4. Insert takedown pin into takedown hole. (Fig. 14)

5. Slowly lower the hammer to the full-down (fired) position.

6. With a proper punch, drive out the mainspring housing retaining pin.

7. Remove the mainspring housing.

Remove Kimber Mainspring Housing Pin
Figure 14

Caution: Do not remove the takedown pin until the mainspring housing is reinstalled.

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