To Eliminate Malfunctions

1. Change type/brand of ammunition and/or magazine.

2. If changing to another type/brand of ammunition and/or magazine does not at once result in smooth feeding of cartridges from magazine to chamber, the following steps should be taken:

• Make certain chamber and magazine are unloaded. Magazine should be removed first. Check chamber to be sure it and magazine well are clear of cartridges.

• Thoroughly clean magazine, paying particular attention to removing accumulated grease. Thoroughly clean breech mechanism of pistol. Use a bristle brush and solvent to remove grease and fouling from breech face, extractor, chamber and feed ramp. (See CARE AND CLEANING section for detailed instruction.)

• Check that magazine spring tension is adequate. The spring should hold the follower tightly against the lips of the magazine.

• Check that magazine lips are free of nicks and burrs and are not deformed.

• Remove excess oil and solvent from all cleaned components, load magazine and try pistol again.


Proceed slowly and exercise caution to prevent the discharge of a jammed cartridge. The discharge of a jammed cartridge could cause serious injury to you or bystanders.

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