If slide is forward and hammer is cocked:

1. Point gun in safe direction.

2. Engage thumb safety.

3. Press magazine release button to remove magazine.

4. Disengage thumb safety.

5. Pull slide fully to rear to eject any cartridge remaining in chamber.

6. While holding slide in rearward (open) position, carefully inspect chamber making sure it is empty.

7. Slowly release slide, allowing it to return to forward position.

8. Carefully lower hammer as described in HAMMER LOWERING section. (Page 22)

When magazine has been removed and when chamber is empty, the ILS may be activated or a gun lock can be installed. Pistol can now be safely stored in a secure place.


Springfield Arms 1911 Parts

Pistol is not empty or unloaded until the chamber is empty and the magazine removed. Never touch the trigger when loading or unloading the pistol.

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