If slide is already in "locked back" position:

1. Point gun in safe direction.

2. Press magazine release button to remove magazine.

3. From top and rear, carefully inspect chamber to make sure it is empty.

4. Hold slide, disengage slide stop, ease slide forward.

Notice: The slide of a 1911-A1 pistol should never be released on an empty chamber; especially one which has had an action job. Releasing the slide on an empty chamber causes damage to the breech face on the barrel and undue stress on all action parts, including the hammer and the sear. This will ruin the action job performed on your pistol.

5. Carefully lower hammer as described in the HAMMER LOWERING section. (Page 22)

Springfield Mainspring Hammer


Pistol is not empty or unloaded until the chamber is empty and the magazine removed.

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