Assembly Of Barrel Receiver Group


Place the barrel and receiver on the table, sights up, muzzle pointing away from you. Hold the bolt by the right lug and place the rear of the bolt on the bridge of the receiver, with the firing pin tang pointed down. Turn the bolt slightly clockwise until the tang of the firing pin clears the bridge. Guide the left locking lug of the bolt into its groove in the left slide of the receiver. Lower the right locking lug on its bearing surface and slide the bolt halfway to the rear.


Holding the operating rod at the handle, place the front end into the gas cylinder, and position the rod so that the recess in the operating rod hump fits over the right bolt lug. Move the operating rod handle to the left until the operating rod guide lug fits into the disassembly notch on the receiver. Then push the operating rod forward until the bolt is closed.

Reinstall remaining components in reverse order. Referring to the drawings will aid in reassembly of the gun. Insure that the extension on the operating rod catch is under the tab of the clip latch. (If you push against the

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