Be A Responsible Gun Owner

Read these rules! Use common sense!

• Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.

• Keep your finger off the trigger until you are actually aiming at the target and ready to shoot.

• Treat every gun as if it is LOADED...ALL THE TIME!

• Be sure of your target and backstop before you shoot. Ask yourself what your bullet will hit if it misses or goes through the target. The bullet can travel over a mile.

• Place the safety ON when not shooting.

• DO NOT DROP YOUR GUN. If it falls, it may fire even with the safety on. If you do drop it, unload it and insure it works correctly before using it again. When firing this or any other high power rifle always keep a firm hold on the gun. Anticipate the noise and recoil.

• Never put your hand over the muzzle of a gun.

• Never rely on a gun's "safety" to protect you from unsafe gun handling. A safety is only a mechanical device, not a substitute for common sense.

• Be sure the barrel is clear of obstruction before shooting.

• If anything does get into the barrel, remove cartridges and clean bore immediately before attempting to shoot. Obstructed barrels can burst and injure you or bystanders.

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