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Before loading and firing this rifle 3

About your owners manual 3

Gun safety is no accident 3

Used guns 3

Store guns safely in the home 3

Nomenclature 4

Use of the M1 Garand 5

Ammunition 5

Rules for safe shooting 11

When you pull the trigger and nothing happens 16

Note to left handed shooters 18

Operation of the safety 18

Loading and unloading 20

Firing the rifle 25

Maintenance 25

Cleaning the Gas system 26

Cleaning the bore and chamber 26

Stock 28

Storage 28


Muzzle protector 29

Rear sight protector 29

Sights 30

Match sight fine adjustment 30

Disassembly/Assembly 31

The three main groups 31

Disassembly 32

Disassembly of barrel and receiver group 33

Removing the bolt 36

Assembly of barrel and receiver group 36

Replacing the bolt 36

Replacing the operating rod 37

Assembly of the three main groups 37

Reference materials 38

M1 Garand Standard Model Exploded View 39

Shooting positions 40

Before loading and firing this rifle read and understand the information in this manual.

This is an auto-loading rifle. It is immediately loaded and ready to fire again after each shot until all shells loaded in the clip have been fired. The rifle is able to fire both with and without the clip in place. The rifle is not unloaded until the chamber is empty.

About your owners manual

This is an instruction booklet on how to operate this firearm with some basic safe handling rules. It does not attempt to provide information about using a gun to defend yourself, how to hunt, or for competitive or target shooting. It is important to get instruction from a competent instructor prior to engaging in any of these activities. The National Rifle Association, your local or state authorities or your gun dealer may provide information regarding available instructors or training courses. Using a gun for self defense is a complex subject with dangers and risks for which you must be properly trained. Know and understand the laws regarding self defense.

Gun safety is no accident

Every safety rule has a reason behind it - read the rules carefully and understand why the rule is important for safety. It is recommended that every person receive instructions from a competent firearms instructor before handling this or any other firearm.

Know and obey all gun laws. Do not give a gun to someone who is not allowed to own a gun or who may use it for a criminal purpose.

Used guns

If you purchased this firearm as a used gun have it inspected and tested by a competent gunsmith before you use it. Guns are sometimes altered and may require repair before they can be used safely.

Store guns safely in the home

Store guns unloaded, locked and in a secure place. Obey gun storage laws. Store guns and ammunition separately. Because your children may be in other homes where guns are stored, you should show them what to do if they see or find a gun by showing them the Eddie Eagle video available from the NRA by calling (703) 267-1000.

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