1. Point the muzzle in a safe direction.

2. Put the safety "ON"

3. Place the rifle butt against your hip or thigh or support the butt of the stock on a table or bench. Place your right hand along the receiver and using your right thumb over the operating rod handle pull the bolt slowly to the rear. While doing this place your left hand over the receiver to catch the cartridge as it is removed from the chamber and ejected. (See Figure 23-1).

4. Next pull the operating rod completely to the rear and hold it there. It may be of assistance to grip the rifle with the right hand to hold the bolt completely back.

5. Place the fingers or palm of your left hand over the clip and depress the clip latch with your left thumb. (See Figure 23-2). At this time the clip and cartridges will pop into your left hand.

Caution: Do not allow the bolt to move forward while unloading.

The top cartridge may get pushed forward and interfere with the ejection of the clip.

Fig. 23-1
Fig. 23-2

How to have an empty chamber with cartridges in the magazine. (This cannot be done with a full clip)

1. Point the gun in a safe direction.

2. Pull the operating rod handle to the rear to remove the cartridge from the chamber and hold the handle to the rear.

3. Depress the top cartridge and slowly allow the bolt to move forward over the top of the cartridge about an inch.

4. Remove your thumb from the cartridge.

5. Allow the bolt to move forward into the empty chamber.

Caution: If this procedure is not properly performed a cartridge may be chambered creating a dangerous condition. To avoid this carefully observe the bolt as it closes to make sure that a cartridge is not inadvertently chambered.

How to close the bolt with an empty rifle.

1. Place your right hand along side of the open operating rod.

2. Using the edge of your right hand, push the operating rod slightly to the rear and depress the follower with your right thumb.

3. Slowly allow the bolt to move forward overriding the follower.

4. Remove your right thumb.

5. Slowly allow the bolt to move forward until it is fully forward.

Caution: Allowing the bolt to slam forward on an empty chamber Always wear eye ^/f pro,tecti┬░n when using any firearm. Safety and instruction is hard on the rifle. Avoid it whenever possible. manUalsare available frOm Springfield, Inc.

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