A Gun Sling Ml

(1) Dried-out (Dead) Leather When straps become dried out, as indicated by light cracking or stiffness, a thorough cleaning with SOAP, saddle, will help condition the leather. A thick lather of soap should be worked well into the leather and rinsed off with clean water. Polish briskly with dry, clean CLOTH, wiping. If this treatment does not soften the leather, apply a very light coating of OIL, neat's-foot.

(2) Scratches and Gouges. When straps become rough from leather "picked up" by scratches, cuts, or gouges, they may be smoothed by paring lightly with a sharp, flat blade.

(3) Bent Sliding Loops and Hooks. When (metal) sliding loops or hooks become spread or pinched, they should be corrected. Loops may be spread by placing a piece of flat metal between loop and strap and using a light hammer.

(4) Worn Holes in Straps. When holes in straps become worn or leather is torn between holes, the strap should be replaced. Punching new holes will weaken strap.

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