B Bore Sighting

(1) With the rifle fully unloaded, and sight set at zero windage and 100 yards elevation, as explained in TM 9-720, remove the bolt from the rifle.

(2) Place the rifle on a solid rest and, looking through the bore, aline the center of the bore with a point about 100 yards distant.

(3) Without shifting the rifle, look through the sight and shift the rear end by means of the lateral adjustment screws until the vertical (windage) cross hair of the reticle passes through the point of aim.

(4) Tighten both lateral adjusting screws with care not to shift the alinement Be sure the edges of the screws fit fully into the radial grooves in mount base and rear mount ring lug.

(5) Remove the rifle from the rest and the sight from the mount base, by removing the right lateral adjusting screw, and securely stake the left lateral adjusting screw in position. This can be done by tapping the mount base directly above the thread of the screw with a small center punch.

NOTE: If the right lateral adjusting screw becomes too loose to hold properly, it can be tightened in like manner. Such staking should be light, else thread of screw may be damaged. This screw must be removed to dismount the sight.

(6) If it is necessary to level the mount base, it may be done by loosening the mount base screws and shimming up front or rear end of base until horizontal cross hair passes through the point of aim at 100 yards. The shim can then be properly assembled and the mount base screws tightened and staked in position. Mount base screws should be drawn down tightly.

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