Disassembly And Assembly

General 6

Removal of groups from rifle 7

Reinstallation of groups in rifie 8

Bolt group, disassembly 9

Bolt group, assembly 10

Floor plate, magazine spring, and follower group; disassembly 11

Floor plate, magazine spring, and follower group; assembly. . 12

Stock group, disassembly 13

Stock group, assembly 14

Barrel group, disassembly 15

Barrel group, assembly 16

Receiver group, disassembly 17

Receiver group, assembly 18

Bayonet M1905, disassembly 19

Bayonet M1905, assembly 20

Bayonet Ml, disassembly 21

Bayonet Ml, assembly 22

Telescopic sight (rifie M1903A4), disassembly 23

Telescopic sight (rifle M1903A4), assembly 24


a. As the four riñes covered in this manual are basically the same, disassembly and assembly are explained for the basic Rifles M1903 and M1903Al» Variations in procedure for the Riñes M1903A3 and M1903A4 are explained as they occur in the various groups, b. For convenience, the parts of the rifle have been divided into "groups" and "assemblies." A group is a number of parts which function together in the rifle and which are closely related to each other. An assembly consists of two or more parts which are either permanently or semipermanently assembled and should not ordinarily be taken apart The groups, assemblies, and individual parts are listed in the following paragraphs in the order in which they would be taken from the rifle.

c. Disassembly will be considered under two general heads:

(1) Removal of groups from the rifle to the extent necessary to perform ordinary cleaning,

(2) Detailed disassembly covering the removal of all components of each group.

d. The tools for use in removal of groups from the rifle and in disassembling and assembling groups and assemblies are those provided a 2

1903 Springfield

D mZ

Removal Fixed Sight Base M1903

RA PD 7606

Figure 35 — Removing Bolt From US. Rifle, col, .30,

Ml 903AI for Other Models)

RA PD 7606

Figure 35 — Removing Bolt From US. Rifle, col, .30,

Ml 903AI for Other Models)

as company accessories. They are also carried on the small arms repair truck and are listed in SNL B-3 and SNL B-20, e> The telescopic sight with mount rings attached (fig. 8) should be removed from the mount base of the Rifle M1903A4 before the remaining groups are removed. This is to avoid possible damage to the sight which is very delicate in construction. Likewise, the sight should be mounted to the rifle only after all other groups have been assembled and installed. Dismounting and mounting the telescopic sight as well as disassembly and assembly are explained in this manual Adjustments and care are covered in detail in TM 9-270.

f. The rear sight assembly of the M19G3 and M1903A1 Rifles is mounted on the barrel while that of the Rifle M1903A3 and the telescopic sight of the Rifle M1903A4 is mounted on the receiver. Disassembly and assembly of these sights are covered in the group in which they occur.

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