Maintenance And Repair


General 41

Tools for maintenance and repair 42

Bolt group 43

Floor plate group (Rifles M1903 and 1903A1) 44

Stock group 45

Barrel group 46

Receiver group 47

Bayonet M1905 48

Bayonet Ml 49

Bayonet scabbard M3 50

Bayonet scabbard M1910 51

Bayonet scabbard M7 52

Gun slings M1907 and Ml, and front sight cover 53

Bore sighting, rifle M1903A4 54

Parallax adjustment of telescopic sight M73B1

Placing reticle of telescopic sight vertical 56

Replacing mount base, rifle M1903A4 57

Adjusting mount rings on telescopic sight 58

Care, cleaning, and lubrication 59

Care of telescopic sight 60

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