Placing Reticle Of Telescopic Sight Vertical

a. If the reticle should become shifted in the sight tube, or the tube become shifted in the mount rings, so that the cross hairs are not exactly vertical and horizontal with the mount base and bore line, they may be so positioned by loosening the front and rear mount ring screws and turning the sight in the mount rings, and then tightening the screws. In the Telescopic Sight M73B1 (Weaver No* 330 C) the windage cross hair should be vertical, with the windage screw (stamped "L") on the left side of the rifle when in position.

CAUTION: Tighten mount ring screws only enough to hold sight firmly in position. If screws are drawn down too tight, the sight tube may become bent, and the sight thrown out of adjustment or the lenses cracked b* If it is not possible to adjust the position of the cross hairs sufficiently, as outlined in subparagraph a, above, further slight adjustment may be made in the case of the Telescopic Sight M73B1 (Weaver No. 330 C), by moving the adjustment plate to right or left This is done by loosening the screws holding the plate as described for parallax adjustment in paragraph 55. Be sure to note CAUTION in paragraph 55 c (3).

CAUTION: Be sure the adjustment plate is not moved backward or forward, else the parallax adjustment will be disturbed

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