Publications Indexes

The following publications indexes should be consulted frequently for latest changes or revisions of references given in this section and for new publications relating to materiel covered in this manual:

a. Introduction to Ordnance Catalog (explaining ASF Cat

b, Ordnance Publications for Supply Index (index ASF Cat to SNL's) ORD 2 OPSI

c» Index to Ordnance Publications (listing FM's, TM's, TCs, and TB's of interest to ordnance personnel, OPSR, MWO's, BSR, S or SR's, OSSC's, and OFSB's, and includes Alphabetical List of Major Items with Publications Pertaining Thereto) OFSB 1-1

d. List of Publications for Training (listing MR's,

MTFs, T/BA's, T/A's, FM's, TM's, and TR's concerning training) FM 21-6

e. List of Training Films, Film Strips, and Film

Bulletins (listing TPs, FS's, and FB's by serial number and subject) FM 21-7

f» Military Training Aids (Listing Graphic Training Aids, Models, Devices, and Displays) . . , FM 21-8

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