After the rifle is unloaded, remove the magazine and close the bolt prior to disassembly. To do this, pull back on the operating rod handle and allow the bolt to go forward [see figure 12].

To remove the trigger housing group place the rifle upside down with barrel pointing away from you. Grasp the forend with your left hand. Grasp the rear of the trigger guard with the thumb and forefinger of your right hand and pull upward and outward until the mechanism is released. Lift out the trigger housing group [see figure 13].

To separate the barrel and receiver from the stock, lay the rifle on a flat surface with the sights down and muzzle to the left. Grasp the top of the grip of the forend with the left hand and with right hand grasp the rear sights/receiver and pull down. With a standard rifle the stock should separate easily. If not, or for a match rifle, with the rifle in this upside down position, raise the buttstock and strike down firmly on a hard surface against the stock's cheek surface while pulling the receiver down with right hand [see figure 14].

Fig. 14

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