b. BELT-FED. Place the first round of the belt in the tray groove with the double link first and the open side of the links down. Ensure that the round ' remains in the tray groove, and close the cover. Hold the belt up, approximately six rounds from the loading end, while closing the cover.

M249 Squad Automatic Weapon

c. MAGAZINE-FED. The 30-round magazine may be loaded by inserting it into the magazine well on the left side of the receiver and pushing it firmly to the right until it seats and the release tab clicks into the recess on the magazine.

NOTE: Use of the 30-round magazine is only for emergencies such es when linked ammunition is not

Pull the bolt to the rear if it is not already there. Place the safety on SAFE and manually return the cocking handle to its forward position.

a. BELT-FED. Raise the cover and remove any ammunition or links from the tray. Look into the chamber to ensure that it is clear.

b. MAGAZINE-FED. Push down on the magazine release tab and pull out the magazine. Raise the cover and tray, and look into the chamber to ensure that it is clear. Clearing procedures are covered in Chapters 2 and 4.

SAW gunners can recognize and correct stoppages when they know how the weapon functions. The weapon functions automatically as long as ammunition is fed into it and the trigger is held to the rear. Each time a round fires, the parts of the weapon function in sequence. Many of the actions occur at the same time and are separated only for teaching purposes.

a. SEQUENCE. The sequence of functioning is known as the cycle of functioning. As a minimum standard, the soldier should know the eight basic terms and short definitions listed below:

(1) Feeding. A round is positioned in the feed tray groove or a magazine is inserted into the magazine well.

(2) Chambering. A round is stripped from the belt and placed into the chamber, or around is stripped from the magazine and placed into the chamber.

(3) Locking. The bolt is locked inside the barrel socket.

(4) Firing. The firing pin strikes and fires the primer, which fires thi cartridge.


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