General Assembly

a. REPLACING THE BIPOD GROUP. Place the bipod group on the receiver with the bipod legs open and pointed downward.

b. REPLACING THE GAS CYLINDER GROUP. Push the gas cylinder through the bipod yoke into the receiver and, using the other hand, align the gas cylinder with the receiver. Then rotate the gas cylinder until it locks into position.

c. REPLACING THE H ANDGUARD GROUP. To replace the handguard, place it on the receiver from the bottom and slide it to the rear until it stops. Using a cartridge, push the handguard retaining pin to the right, which locks the handguard into position. Pull downward on the handguard to make sure it is locked.

d. REPLACING THE GAS REGULATOR AND COLLAR. Insert the gas regulator into the gas block and align the notch on the gas regulator with the notch of the gas block. With the gas regulator installed and supported on a firm surface, place the gas regulator collar onto the protruding end of the body and align the spring with the stud. Firmly push downward and rotate the gas regulator collar clockwise into the NORM AL position. !

e. REPLACING THE BARREL GROUP. Depress the barrel locking lever to the rear with the left hand, while holding the carrying handle with the right hand. Pull the barrel rearward, push downward, align the gas regulator to the gas cylinder, and lock by releasing the barrel locking lever.

Holes Gas Cylinder M249

Ensure that the barrel is locked onto the receiver by pulling or lifting on the carrying handle.

f. REPLACING THE TRIGGER MECHANISM GROUP. Align the trigger mechanism with the slot on the bottom of the receiver. The trigger mechanism must be held in position to accomplish the next step.

g. REPLACING THE BUTTSTOCK AND SHOULDER ASSEMBLY. Align the lower hole in the buttstock and shoulder assembly with the rear hole in the trigger mechanism; then push the lower retaining pin to the right.

h. JOINING THE BOLT, SLIDE, AND PISTON ASSEMBLIES. Hold the piston in one hand, with the face of the piston away from you and the sear notches downward. With the other hand, place the slide assembly onto the rear of the piston with the firing pin toward the front of the piston. (Make sure the slide assembly retaining pin is out.)

Push the slide assembly retaining pin to the right. This locks the piston assembly and the slide assembly together.

Put the firing pin spring onto the firing pin of the slide assembly. Place the bolt onto the slide assembly, aligning the driving lug of the bolt with the slot of the slide assembly. Apply pressure to the face of the bolt in order to compress the firing pin spring. Then rotate the bolt to hook its driving lug into the slide assembly.


Open the cover assembly on the receiver. Insert the face of the piston into the receiver, aligning the bolt lugs onto the receiver rails. Pull the trigger and push the moving parts forward until the bolt is seated into the chamber.

j. JOININGTHE OPERATING ROD AND SPRING ASSEMBLY. Place the operating rod tip into the operating rod spring. Then insert the free end of the operating rod and spring into the rear of the piston. Depress the rear of the operating rod assembly until the two lugs on the buffer are positioned in the receiver grooves.

k. REPLACING THE BUTTSTOCK AND SHOULDER GROUP. Pivot the buttstock upward into position and push the upper retaining pin to the right, locking the buttstock to the receiver.



1. CONDUCTING A FUNCTION CHECK. A function check must be performed to ensure that the SAW has been assembled correctly. The procedures, in order, are:

(1) Cock the weapon by pulling the cocking handle to the rear.

(2) Move the safety to FIRE.

(3) Return the cocking handle to its forward position.

(4) Place the safety on SAFE.

(5) Pull the trigger. (The weapon should not fire.)

(6) Place the safety on FIRE.

(7) Pull and hold the cocking handle to the rear.

(8) Pull the trigger and allow the bolt to ease forward. If the bolt does not go forward, the SAW must be disassembled and then reassembled. After reassembly, if the SAW continues to fire when the safety is on SAFE, the squad leader must be notified and the weapon must be turned in for maintenance.

NOTE: The cover assembly can be closed with the bott in either the forward or the backward position.

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