General Disassembly

The M249 SAW can be disassembled and assembled without special tools or equipment except for the handguard assembly, the gas regulator, and the gas regulator collar. Detailed disassembly requires special tools.

As each part is removed in disassembly, it should be placed on a clean, flat surface such as a table, shelter half, or disassembly mat. This makes it easy to keep track of parts, and it aids in the assembly, since the parts are assembled in reverse order from disassembly.

Disassembly of the SAW beyond that described in this manual must be done by ordnance personnel a. TYPES. There are two types of disassembly and assembly:

(1) General disassembly and assembly pertain to removing and replacing the eight major groups.

(2) Detailed disassembly and assembly pertain to removing and replacing the parts of those major groups.

b. GROUPS. The eight major groups of the SAW are:

(1) Operating rod group (5) Barrel group

(2) Buttatock and shoulder assembly group (6) Gas cylinder group

(3) Trigger group (7) Bipod group

(4) Handguard group (8) Receiver group

Squad Automatic Weapon

CLEARING. Clearing is always the first step upon receiving a SAW or when preparing it for disassembly. To clear the SAW:

(1) Cock the weapon.

(2) Put the safety on SAFE and return the cocking handle to its forward position.

(3) If the SAW is belt-fed, raise the cover, inspect the tray, and remove links or ammunition.

(4) If the SAW is magazine-fed, push down on the magazine release tab and remove the magazine. Then raise the cover.

(5) Raise the tray and inspect the chamber to ensure that no rounds are present.

(6) Close the cover, place the safety on FIRE, pull the cocking handle to the rear, and pull the trigger while manually easing the bolt forward.

(7) Raise the cover. (If not disassembling the weapon, keep the cover down.)



REMOVING THE OPERATING ROD GROUP. The operating rod group consists of the spring guide rod, operating rod spring, slide assembly, piston assembly, and bolt assembly.

(1) To remove the operating rod, pull to the left the upper retaining pin at • the rear of the receiver. Let the buttstock pivot downward so that the rear opening on the receiver is completely free.

(2) Hold the weapon with one hand on the buttstock assembly and push in and upward on the rear of the operating rod assembly with the thumb of other hand. This releases the operating rod assembly from the positioning grooves inside the receiver.

(3) Pull the operating rod and spring from the receiver group and separate the two parts.

(4) With the left hand, grab the buttstock assembly to stabilize the weapon. With the right hand, pull the cocking handle to the rear. Return the cocking handle to the forward position. Place a finger on the face of the bolt and push until the finger makes contact with the bridge at the end of the receiver. This leaves the piston, slide, and bolt assemblies exposed.

(5) Grasp the slide assembly and slide the moving parts out the rear of the receiver.

Bridger Cal 9mm Takedown

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