Immediate Action

Immediate action is action taken to reduce a malfunction or stoppage without: looking for the cause. Immediate action should be taken in the event of either a misfire or a cookoff.

a. A MISFIRE is the failure of a chambered round to fire. Such failure can be due to an ammunition defect or faulty firing mechanism.

b. A COOKOFF is the firing of a round by the heat of a very hot barrel, and not by the firing mechanism.

i c. If the SAW 8tops firing, the following immediate actions are taken within; 10 seconds:

(1) Cock the weapon, and watch the ejection port to see if a cartridge case,! belt link, or round is ejected. Ensure that the bolt remains to the rear to prevent double feeding if a round or cartridge case is not ejected.

(2) If a cartridge case, belt link, or a round is ejected, return the cocking handle to its forward position, take aim on the target, and try to fire. If the weapon still does not fire, clear it and inspect the ammunition and the weapon to determine the cause of the stoppage.

(3) If a cartridge case, belt link, or round is not ejected, take remedial action as outlined in the following paragraphs.


Remedial action is also taken immediately in the case of a stoppage, but it includes an attempt to determine the cause.

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