Methods Of Application Of Fire

In combat, the size and nature of a target may call for the fire of more than one SAW. The method of applying fire to a target is generally the same for either a single SAW or a pair.

a. AREA AND POINT FIRE. Area fire is fire that is delivered in width, in depth, or in a combination of both. To distribute fire properly, gunners must know where to aim, how to adjust their fire, and in which direction to manipulate the SAW.

With regard to the point of initial lay and adjustment, the gunner must aim, fire, and adjust on a certain point of the target. It is important that fire be adjusted boldly, rapidly, and continuously. Binoculars can be used by the leader to help adjust fire. The gunner always keeps the center of his beaten zone at the base of the target. This makes the bullets in the upper half of the beaten zone hit the target, and bullets in the lower half of the beaten zone ricochet into the target.


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