Sterling Sub Machine Gun MK4

Section Description And Operation

Sterling Trigger

I is operated by case reaction or blow back . FORESIGHT COCKING HANDLE BODY RETURN SPRING BACKSIGHT FORESIGHT COCKING HANDLE BODY RETURN SPRING BACKSIGHT 4.1 THE BACKWARD ACTION Fig. 2 . When the cartridge is fired the propellant gases exert an equal pressure against both the bullet and the cartridge case, the latter being supported by the bolt and the compression of the return spring. The gas pressure accelerates the bullet also the cartridge case and bolt in opposite...

Section Stripping And Assembling

Trigger Group Assembly

8.0 ELEMENTARY STRIPPING AND ASSEMBLING Figs. 10 and II . Before stripping, ensure that the weapon is not loaded and remove sling if fitted. Set change lever to A, place butt in the folded position and bolt forward. 8.1 TO REMOVE RETURN SPRING AND BOLT. Press back cap catch 13 to full depth. Push back cap 15 forward and rotate anti-clockwise until locking lugs disengage from locking recesses. Remove back cap and draw cocking handle to rear of weapon. Lift cocking handle outwards and withdraw...