Section Stripping And Assembling

8.0 ELEMENTARY STRIPPING AND ASSEMBLING (Figs. 10 and II). Before stripping, ensure that the weapon is not loaded and remove sling if fitted. Set change lever to A, place butt in the folded position and bolt forward.

8.1 TO REMOVE RETURN SPRING AND BOLT. Press back cap catch (13) to full depth. Push back cap (15) forward and rotate anti-clockwise until locking lugs disengage from locking recesses. Remove back cap and draw cocking handle to rear of weapon. Lift cocking handle outwards and withdraw return spring assembly (16) from rear of body. Remove bolt from rear of body. Re-assemble in reverse order. The spring-loaded fouling pin will prevent mis-assembly since the cocking handle cannot be inserted until this pin is pushed forward by the centre pin on the spring assembly. This ensures that the cocking handle must pass through the hole in the centre pin.

Grips Sterling Mk4
Fig. 10. To remove return spring and bolt

8.2 TO REMOVE TRIGGER GROUP (Fig. I I). Set change lever at " Safe ", and with a small coin or rim of a cartridge turn the slot in the head of the trigger group retaining pin (17) in line with the word " Free " on the right side of the pistol grip. With the nose of a bullet or the blunt end of the cocking handle push trigger group retaining pin out and remove. Pull trigger group towards rear of weapon, disengage from step in underside of barrel case and swing front of trigger group out and remove from bod/. To remove trigger guard, push out forward pin, swing guard downward, pivoting about its rear fixing, and unhook from underplate.

NOTE.—Elementary stripping does not include any further stripping of trigger group.

8.3 ASSEMBLY. Assemble in the reverse order of stripping.

Trigger Group Assembly

Fig.'12. To remove ejector

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