Important information on how to handle firearms

Federal, state and local firearms regulations should be observed. All firearms are dangerous objects, storage, carrying and use of which require the utmost in caution. In principle the weapon should be protected under lock and key and be seperated from the ammunition so that no unauthorized persons or children will have access to the firearm or ammunition. Before using the GB Pistol, you should familari-ze yourself and any other persons who might have access to the weapon, teaching the function and safe handling of the weapon by reading the directions for use.

Always consider that the pistol is loaded, until the user has convinced himself personally to the contrary by means of the unloading procedure. When loading, reloading or unloading the weapon, the muzzle of the weapon must always be pointed in a safe direction.

This pistol is designed to fire exclusively factory produced 9 mm Parabellum (9 x 19 mm) rounds in accordance with industry standards. The use of non-standard loads, armour piercing loads, or handloads renders the guarantee null and void. Steyr-Daimler-Puch specifically denies responsibility if other than standard rounds are used in the GB Pistol.

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