Assembling The Luger

1. Insert takedown plunger and spring (J) in rear of boltways block assembly (K).

2. Hold gun in right hand so that the right thumb can depress the magazine catch (A). With the left hand grasp the firing assembly between the left thumb and middle finger so that the palm of the left hand is laying over the top of the toggles. Insert this unit into the frame by sliding the magazine guide (M) into the grip well. When the takedown plunger (J) nears the receiver, position the lower half of the takedown plunger button against the inner top surface of the rear receiver wall. By applying pressure with the left hand it is possible to compress the takedown plunger (J) against its spring and a slight downward slap, with the palm of the hand, will seat the entire firing apparatus. When properly seated the takedown plunger should extend into its recess in the rear wall of the frame.

J. Move trigger slightly rearward and press down lighty on the sear bar (L). The sear bar must

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engage the trigger and, when properly installed, the sear bar pin will engage the corresponding hole in the sear bar. (See "Note" below).

4. Screw in sear bar retaining screw (H) until it comes to a stop against the sear bar. DO NOT USE FORCE, this should be a light, snug fit.

5. Turn the gun around so that you are looking at the right side of the grip. Now insert an EMPTY magazine in the grip —this will aid in positioning the magazine guide holes (I). With a little pressure on top of the toggles, the holes will easily align themselves so that the main frame pin can be installed by finger pressure, from right to left. The frame pin should be fitted so that it protrudes equally from both sides of the frame.

6. Open the toggle mechanism. If the gun is properly assembled the toggle will remain in the open position. Then remove magazine and activate toggle again so that the action closes.

Test the completed assembly further by putting the safety in the ("S" position) and trying the trigger. IT MUST NOT "FIRE" IN THIS POSITION! Now, move safety to "FIRE" position (being careful that chamber is empty) and, again, try the trigger.

When satisfied that the firearm is in good working order re-install the grips, using grip screws (G).

NOTE: If the sear bar should become separated from the firing assembly it can easily be re-installed by positioning its rearmost pin under the arm of its coil spring, as indicated in the following diagram:

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