Cleaning And Maintenance

The unique design of your Luger pistol greatly simplifies normal cleaning and lubricating procedures. It's greatly advanced unit construction will enable the user to clean the entire firing mechanism by simply soaking in kerosene. A soft bristle brush can be used with kerosene to remove stubborn dirt or powder deposits. DO NOT USE COARSE WIRE BRUSHES.

The take-down plunger hole (J) located at the back of the frame, is directly in line with the bore of the barrel. For this reason the bore can be cleaned by inserting a rod through the plunger hole. Damage to the rifling and possible loss of accuracy is thereby prevented. (Never clean a rifled barrel from the muzzle end if it can possibly be cleaned from the opposite end.)

After cleaning and drying the kerosene-washed parts, oil moving surfaces lightly with a good grade of gun oil. Do not use general purpose oils or automotive oils because these tend to harden and gum when mixed with gun-powder deposits.

DO NOT USE STRONG SOLVENTS when cleaning the firing mechanism. Solvents are intended only for removing fouling from the barrel bore and should be carefully rinsed from all surfaces immediately after use.

To clean the barrel, use a soft bristle brush that has been moistened with kerosene. Dry carefully with flannel patches and oil very, very lightly with a good gun oil. To remove heavy fouling, brush with a solvent or special bore cleaner intended for this purpose BUT BE CAREFUL TO RINSE ALL TRACES OF THE CLEANING AGENT FROM THE BORE IMMEDIATELY AFTER USE. Also be sure to oil the bore lightly after rinsing.

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PREPARING THE GUN FOR STORAGE: after thorough cleaning swab all metal surfaces generously with a preservative grease. (Be careful to remove all traces of grease from the bore before subsequent use.)

Wrap the greased weapon in heavy paper and seal all openings. Some shooters find that a plastic bag or flannel lined carrying case is ideally suited for storage purposes.

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