Disassembly Of The Luger Pistol

1. Open breech by activating toggles (E). With empty magazine in place, breech will remain in open position.

2. Remove magazine by depressing release button (A) located on left side immediately behind the trigger.

3. Remove grip screws (G) and wooden grip panels from both sides of the gun. To avoid damaging, the screw heads use a screwdriver of the proper size.

4. Remove sear bar retaining screw (H) which is located on the left side immediately above the trigger.

5. With a pin punch of the proper size remove main frame assembly pin (I) which is located at the bottom, rear portion of the grip. All pins should be punched out from left-to-right and installed right-to-left.

6. Place safety in "FIRE" position.

7. Close the toggle mechanism and depress takedown plunger (J) at the back of the frame beneath rear sight.

8. Grasp toggle mechanism with left thumb and forefinger and lift up gently. IMPORTANT — the spring-activated takedown plunger (J) can fly free as the inner mechanism clears the frame be sure to cup your right hand over this area to catch the plunger and spring.

DO NOT DISASSEMBLE FURTHER: the above-described field stripping procedure renders all surfaces available to cleaning and lubricating — no further take-down is necessary.

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