Important Safety Procedures

1. WHEN LOADING THE CHAMBER: be sure to point the gun in a safe direction.

2. DO NOT CHARGE THE CHAMBER until you are ready to use the pistol.

3. ALWAYS EMPLOY THE SAFETY DEVICE WHEN THE CHAMBER IS LOADED. The safety should only be dis-engaged immediately prior to shooting.

4. WHEN STORING THE FIREARM, MAKE SURE THE CHAMBER IS EMPTY. (If used as a weapon for self-defense, load the magazine and insert it in the gun, but, do not activate the bolt to load the chamber.)

5. BE CAREFUL TO AVOID DROPPING A LOADED PISTOL (a handgun must be designed to fire un der the slight pressure exerted by the trigger finger. For this reason the engaging surfaces of the firing mechanism must be adjusted to close tolerances. The energy created by a falling handgun can, upon impact, easily cause dislodgement of these engaging surfaces and subsequent discharge of the loaded firearm.)

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