Operation Of The Luger Pistol

1. Remove magazine by pressing magazine release button (A) with right thumb and by pulling on magazine extension (B) with left thumb and forefinger.

2. To load magazine, grasp it with the left hand so that the thumb can be used to pull down on the magazine-follower button (C).

3. With the right hand, insert .22 long rifle cartridges into the magazine by placing rear, rimmed surface of each cartridge in the magazine notch (D) and sliding cartridge rearward into the magazine. (Total capacity of the magazine is eleven cartridges.)

4. With bullet ends of cartridges facing towards the muzzle slide the loaded magazine into the magazine-well of the pistol grip. Push upward until the magazine "clicks" into its locked position.

5. While the magazine is now loaded, the gun cannot be made to fire until a cartridge from the magazine is fed into the chamber of the barrel. To accomplish loading of the chamber, hold the handgun in a firing attitude with the right hand (being careful to point it in a safe direction) and grasp the toggle buttons (E) between the thumb and forefinger of the left hand. Then pull upward and rearward until the toggle reaches its rearmost position (see figure II). Now, upon releasing the toggle, the spring activated bolt will slide forward, picking up a cartridge from the magazine and loading it into the chamber. UNTIL READY TO FIRE, PUT THE SAFETY LEVER (S) INTO THE "ON" POSITION (as illustrated) AT THIS POINT.

6. TO FIRE: assume a shooting stance facing in the general direction of your target. Then, as you point the gun toward your target, use your right thumb to slide the safety lever into the (F) FIRE position.

7. Align the sights so that the front blade is centered in the rear sight notch. (The top of the front sight should be level with the top of the rear sight). With the sights thus aligned, center them carefully under the bulls-eye. Hold this position as steadily as possible while squeezing the trigger.

NOTE: Luger sights are factory regulated to "zero"

at fifty feet.

8. IMPORTANT: when the first shot is fired, the Luger will reload itself automatically and will continue to fire with each squeeze of the trigger. When the magazine has been emptied the bolt will remain in its open position with the toggle raised. WHENEVER THE BREECH IS CLOSED ASSUME THE CHAMBER IS LOADED AND THAT THE WEAPON IS IN A FIRING ATTITUDE. BE SURE TO EMPLOY THE SAFETY DEVICE.

9. Because the breech will remain open when the last shot is fired, it is possible to remove the magazine, insert another loaded magazine, and simply close the breech to resume shooting.

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