Precautions For The Firearms Owner

KEEP FIREARMS OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN and out of the hands of irresponsible or incompetent persons.

2. Do not store a loaded gun.

3. Be sure to engage the safety whenever the chamber is loaded.

4. Do not drop a loaded firearm.

5. Do not attempt to use any but the recommended sizes of cartridges.

6. Whenever an unusual report is heard upon firing, stop shooting immediately; empty the chamber and remove the magazine. Check for a spent bullet lodged in the barrel, a ruptured casing or other signs of a malfunction.

7. Be careful to avoid plugging the barrel bore with mud, snow, dirt or overlooked cleaning patches. These can easily cause the barrel to bulge if the weapon is fired in that condition.

8. Never, never attempt to clear an obstruction from the bore by firing the gun.

9. The acids and salts commonly resulting from perspiring hands can induce a rapid rusting action. Be sure to wipe firearms clean with a lightly oiled cloth after handling.

10. Never use force when cleaning, dis-assembling or re-assembling your Luger pistol.

11. NEVER LEND A FIREARM (The law will frequently hold the owner responsible if the weapon should be mis-used.)

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