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selection of a Luger .22 caliber automatic pistol.

More than three years of intensive research and testing have gone into the development of this handgun and we are confident that it is the finest .22 caliber automatic pistol that money can buy. Every component, down to the smallest spring, has been matched to a raw material and fabricating technique that will result in the greatest reliability. The frame, or body of the pistol, is made from a forged lightweight alloy that has a tensile strength of 82,000 psi. This is entirely machined after forging and joined to a solid steel barrel that is hammer rifled. Other components are also made from high quality steels matched in strength and hardness to their particular functions. All moving parts place steel against steel.

Features of this new Luger design were created to eliminate faults that were evident in the original German Luger* pistol. Thus, in the Stoeger Luger you will find stationary target-type sights, a much crisper trigger pull, and a positive safety device. Takedown and maintenance procedures are also vastly improved and simplified.

To obtain the best possible performance from this handgun, please be sure to read this instruction booklet from cover to cover. ABOVE ALL, PLEASE BE SURE TO READ AND PRACTICE OUR RECOMMENDED SAFETY PROCEDURES.

"The Stoeger Luger is made in the U.S.A.

GUARANTEE LIMITATIONS: Stoeger Arms Corporation cannot be held responsible for damage or injuries resulting from misuse, neglect or accident. Be sure to read these instructions carefully!

IN THE EVENT OF MECHANICAL DIFFICULTY, pack your gun carefully, in a heavy cardboard box, and ship it to Stoeger at the address indicated. Write an accompanying letter clearly stating your complaint, place it in an envelope and ATTACH IT TO THE OUTSIDE OF YOUR PACKAGE. Because Stoeger is a bonafide, federally licensed firearms manufacturer and dealer you may ship your handgun via insured, prepaid, railway express.

FOR REPAIRS UNDER GUARANTEE, send your Luger to Stoeger Arms Corporation IF you reside EAST OF THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS. Luger owners who live WEST OF THE ROCKIES can send their

Lugers to Micro Gun Sight Company, 242 Harbor Blvd., Belmont, California.

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