Chapter Nine Magazine Manufacture

When this book went to press, there were several magazines or clips available from a number of submachine guns, both from current and discontinued models. Various dealers, in surplus and junk, advertise these parts in many of the gun magazines and trade papers, such as Shotgun News.

One of the best buys on the current market is the Sten Gun Clip. Presently available for around four dollars, these clips are truly a bargain for anyone having any use for such a magazine. They hold thirty-two rounds of nine millimeter ammunition and the entire upper portion, including the lips which hold the cartridges in place, is reinforced with an extra thickness of sheet steel on the back and sides. This results in a strong, virtually indestructible magazine.

Assuming these are still available when you need one, I recommend that you buy at least one extra, and more if your budget permits.

If there comes a time when these are no longer available, an alternate source must be found. This means making your own, which at first glance may seem almost impossible. However, a closer look will reveal that perhaps it isn' t so difficult after all—only time consuming.

If a clip needs to be made to approximately the dimensions and capacity of the Sten, then a piece of nineteen or eighteen gauge sheet steel, five inches wide by ten inches long will be needed. The eighteen gauge material is .0478 inch or approximately .048 inch thick, while the nineteen gauge measures .0418 inch or almost .042 inch in thickness.

If the double thickness is used in the upper portion, an additional section three inches by three and one-half inches would be required as well as a one and one-fourth inch by one and five-eighths inch piece for a bottom cap or floor plate.

Left: Complete Magazine-Originally made for British Sten Gun. The clips «recurrently available as surplus at about S4.00 each.

Above: Magazine disassembled-consists of body, follower, floor plate and spring. Floor plate latch Is fattened to end of spring.

Sten Magazine Gauge

Below: Stamped follower from sten clip may be made by welding legs to block and filing to shape.

British Submachine Guns

Below: Floor plate-Readily lormed by folding •heel «leel to shape.

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