The breech block is relracled and locked in .

.lock in open and Cosed positions Mtefy P°S,,'0n Th* button a, ,he upper rear c the gr,P ,ocks the body. It should be tapped to take a six by forty-eight headless screw which will lock the firing pin in place, thus preventing it from inadvertently working out.

A slot must be cut to clear an ejector. This should be a continuation of the right side (viewed from the bolt face) of the magazine opening. It should extend into the bolt face counterbore approximately .080 Inches and run back some one and nine-tenths (1.900) inches from the bolt face itself. This slot should toe approximately three-thirtyseconds inch wide and may be formed by drilling connecting holes and filing to shape as we have done before.

An extractor must be installed In the bolf face In an eleven o'clock position (when viewed from the front). This is best done by cutting a "J" slot three-sixteenths inch wide at the bolt face and five-sixteenths inch wide at the bottom of the cartridge head, counterbore to the outside edge. File a slot one-tenth inch deep and not quite three-sixteenths inch wide with a small square file. The bottom "T" portion may be cut partly with a three-cornered file and finished with a small flat file such as an automotive point file. It may be necessary to grind these files thinner in order to accomplish this.

Center a three-sixteenths inch hole, three-fourths inch deep, in this extractor slot, three-eights inch from the outer diameter. Insert a coil spring that will slip freely Into the hole behind a follower made from three-sixteenths inch round stock. The head should be angled at approximately thirty degrees and the stem should fit freely inside the spring.

The extractor proper is made from one-eighth inch flat stock, filed to a slip fit inside the "T" slot. It should be one-half inch long with a one-fifth inch radius on the end that contacts the cartridge head. Drill a matching hole with thirty degree shoulders. This will enable the spring loaded follower to engage itself, forcing the extractor rim into the extractor groove in the cartridge head.

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