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Chapter I Tools and Equipment 1

Chapter II Materials 9

Chapter III Receiver 13

Chapter IV Breech Block 27

Chapter V Barrel 39

Chapter VI Trigger Assembly 53

Chapter VII Stock and Pistol Grip 69

Chapter VIII Sights 79

Chapter IX Magazine Manufacture 87

Chapter X Assembly and Adjustment 99

Chapter XI Heat Treatment 105

Chapter XII Finishing and Bluing 111

Tables 119

Submachine Gun

Side view of receiver Note the heavy bead on the spol where the magazine well is welded lo the receiver. This particular receiver was made from one-fourth inch thick tubing. A band, one-fourth inch thick, was left on each end and the remainder was turned to one-eighth inch wall thickness. The thinner. straight wall lubing described in Ihe text will work as well as Ihe lubing pictured.

Bottom view of the receiver showing from lelt: magazine well, sear slot, and threaded opening for Ihe stock boll.

Side view ol the breech plug. The plug screws Into the rear of the receiver. It is knurled for a no-slip grip.

Inside view ol the breech plug The bored oul portion serves both to lighten the weight and to house the rear end ol the main spring.

Glock Exploded ViewBrowning Breech Lock Cam

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