It is against the law to manufacture a firearm without an appropriate license from the Federal Government.

It is also illegal to own or possess a full automatic weapon except those that are registered with the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Division of the United States Treasury Department and until a tax is paid on the weapon.

There are also state and local laws limiting or prohibiting the possession of these weapons in many areas.

Severe penalties are prescribed for violations of these laws.

Be warned!

3/16" HULK


3/16" HULK




ioo- SIDS



cuts and bruises. You will probably decide it cannot be done several times before you finish, but don't give up. It can be done! The reason I am so sure is because I did it on the first gun of this type that I made.

Some type of depth stop is needed to prevent drilling deeper than one-half inch. If a drill press is used, there will be no problem. Simply use the depth stop on the drill press. However, if a hand drill is the only kind available, some sort of stop must be put directly on the drill bit. A collar may be made for this purpose from a piece of tubing epoxied or soldered in place, or a nut or washer that will just slip over the drill. Make up both a one-eighth inch and a one-fourth inch drill in this manner, by soldering the collar in place.

Holes are drilled on the punch marks (that we made around the inside scribe lines) with the one-eighth inch drill first, and then with the one-fourth inch drill. The holes parallel to the center line must be angled inward toward the center at an angle of sixteen degrees. The included angle of the finished sides will be thirty-two degrees.

After these are drilled on both sides and the end, stand the breech block on end, face up, and drill another series of holes one and seven-tenths (1.700) inches deep. There should be enough material left to form the radiused portion as shown in the drawing. I highly recommend that you get a drill press with a good drill press vise for this job.

With all the outline holes drilled to the proper depth and properly spaced, there will be very little, if any, metal remaining in the portion that we want empty. To remove any left-over metal just slide a one-fourth inch or three-eighths inch chisel under a corner and tap it with a hammer. You should be able to remove it with the chisel without too much trouble.

What do you do now? You remove enough metal to make an opening in the shape of the template. This will enable the template to slide freely over and around the loaded magazine, allowing the radiused portion to pick up a cartridge and chamber it. Put a good sturdy handle on a ten inch file and wrap several layers of tape around th^four or five inches adjacent to the handle. Then, by putting both hands near the handle end, the end of the file may be used to greater advantage, together with cold chisels, to properly form and smooth this opening.

After the opening is finished, drill a hole with a Number 31 drill through the bottom of the radiused portion about three-eighths inch rearward from the bolt face and five-sixteenths inch deep, or into the firing pin



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