Battle Of The Batteries

In one corner: SureFire 123A lithium batteries. In the other: off-the-shelf alkalines.

Shelf Life

At room temperature, SureFire batteries can be stored for 10 years and still supply about 90% of their power. Alkalines have a significantly shorter shelf life. ADVANTAGE: SUREFIRE

Temperature Tolerance

SureFire lithium batteries function over a wide temperature range (-76° to 176° F/-60° to 80° C), although power is reduced at either extreme. Alkaline batteries function poorly below freezing and at higher temperatures. ADVANTAGE: SUREFIRE

Power Density

It takes approximately 2.5 similarly sized alkaline batteries to match the power output of one SureFire lithium battery. ADVANTAGE: SUREFIRE


For a given size, lithium batteries weigh about half as much as alkaline batteries. ADVANTAGE: SUREFIRE


Lithium batteries have a terminal voltage of three volts; alkaline batteries: 1. 5 volts. ADVANTAGE: SUREFIRE

Voltage Maintenance

A lithium battery maintains fairly constant voltage for up to 95% of its life, depending on the discharge rate. At moderate to high discharge rates, the voltage of alkaline batteries drops rapidly, making them unsuitable for use in high-power flashlights. ADVANTAGE: SUREFIRE


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